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Ed’s philosophy on guitar tone and electronics...

Guitartone to me is a positive synergy of many factors that are vital in producing a guitartone. Guitartone, to me, starts with you, the player, and your ability on the instrument to be able to create a great guitartone. This is all about acoustics and has nothing to do with the amplification and tone-altering elements that start as soon as you plug a guitar cord in your instrument in order to have it amplified. In my opinion, the electric guitar is just as acoustic as an acoustic guitar already is or a singer’s voice. The way a tone is produced by you by the way you hit the strings, the place where you do that, wherether you use a guitarpick or your fingers etc. etc. all affects the way your tone develops. For me as a player, this is the challenging part and is in my opinion not available anywhere!

Ed’s Custom Shop does everyting on the subject of electronics in order to have you, the player, get all the other factors that I didn’t mention here above just right for you in order to be able to express your own voice the way you’d like it to have percieved.
To sum it all up: as soon as you plug your guitar in, I’m getting into the picture if you like! Every electrical key-element in producing a great guitartone is a factor that can be adjusted by me to suit your requirements and playing style. This means I do all kinds of work on guitarelectronics, the connections (signalcables (passive and active), routings, switchingsystems, matching impedances etc. etc.), signal manipulations by effects, the amp, the amp’s power management and finally the speaker(s).

Being a musician in the first place and developed my knowledge on electronics throughout the years, I’m able to translate difficult explainable terms of guitartone to technique. Therefore I’m able to develop the right modification(s) to the right key-elements in your signalchain in order to get the tone you want! Sometimes, the solution is simple, sometimes it’s more complex. I do whatever it takes in order for you to be satisfied with my work.

I didn’t choose my company’s name just for the fun of it; Ed’s Custom Shop really is a custom shop! This means that all the things and products that you’ll see on this site don’t need to be the final version of the product you’d like to have. All things I do on equipment or gets built are done piece by piece specifically for you! This means you can have the work done the way you like it to have done. There are hardly any borders on this subject. The most important thing is that you know to a certain minimum extent what you’re looking for. Every project gets talked through first so that both you and I know what to expect from each other. After that, the real fun part starts for me!
Everything that’s been done at Ed’s Custom Shop is done by hand. For instance, when building an amp or an effectspedal, all the planning and drilling on the enclosures, cutting of the circuitboards, placing of all the components, the soldering, the wiring, labeling of the enclosure etc. etc. gets done by me, by hand. This is a very time-consuming journey before a product reaches it’s final stadium of being finished. Several tests get done throughout this whole journey in order to make sure everything operates in the way it should be.
After this, every product gets tested and inspected to the max to make sure it meets my demands for perfection. And just trust me: these demands are high! Any work that gets done by me bears my name and I feel a huge responsability to you because you’ve put your trust in my abilities and I don’t take that trust for granted! So you can be sure that you’re equipment is in the right hands and gets build or worked on with the biggest attention to detail possible!
But above all this, one thing is the most important: playing should be expressive and fun! And I hope I can make this more easily for you by my work. So if you’ve got a request for a guitartone, don’t hesitate to email me or call me!

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