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Custom work and repairs

Ed’s Custom Shop is also the address for doing custom work on your equipment or having equipment repaired. All kinds of repairs and custom work on equipments gets done over here. From simple checkups and retubing to complete amp-overhauls (while retaining and respecting the origins of an amp as much as possible (eg. vintage-equipment)), fixing effectspedals and 19-inch equipment, we can do all kinds of technical work on your equipment in order to have it ready to rock & roll again for years to come!
As for doing custom work; almost anything is possible so it is very important that you have an idea of what you’re searching for in a mod. What would you like to be different in your equipment? Changes in its tone? Other gain-characteristics? Effects-loop? Extra channel(s) in your amp? Reverb? Adding a resonance-control? Different output-tubes? Etc.etc...
Power-output management is a very important and new subject in the amp world. Getting great tones usually means that you have to crank up the amp to a certain extent. Power Scaling is a technique where the voltages on the tubes can be varied and therefore the power an amp dissipates. This way, it becomes possible to have the amp cranked up without the high sound pressures. Check out londonpower.com for more info. Ed’s Custom Shop is the only officially licensed installer for power scaling in Europe!
Feel free to contact me for more info on repairs and custom work!

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