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Who’s Ed?

Ed’s Custom Shop is founded by me, Edwin Thoen. Being a player for over 20 years and having been around electronics practically all my life, blending those two things came very naturally for me. My father was an aircraft engineer and was also into electronics. Because his generation is grown up during the age of tube application in electronics exclusively (transistors and IC’s had to be developed at that time), I got taught with this technique first-hand when I started tinkering with electronics. When I started playing electric guitar, all I had to amplify it was a small tube amp that my father had built long before to amplify the record player.As time moved on and amps got in and out of the house over the years my vision about tone and my ability to be able to get that tone as a player and as a technician grew.
From emulating proven circuits I got more and more into developing new circuits also. These designs resulted into the products that you can see in the products-section of this website. Repairing and modifying circuits are also a very important base for the way I do my work. Sometimes you see products that inspire you and sometimes you get equipment brought in where you’re wondering how on earth it’s been possible that such a piece of equipment ever has left the R&D-stage. Both examples are ways of learning for me. To do things a certain way and some things absolutely not! This all adds to my ability to have a vision and have equipment repaired, modified and built the way I think it should be.

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